Engineering Services

  • Pressure Vessels and Towers according to ASME.
  • Storage Tanks According to API 650 and API 620.
  • Steel Structure Modeling.
  • Air coolers and Heat Exchangers.
  • Complete Machine modeling with dynamic simulation.
  • 3D Modeling
  • Skid Structure Design
  • Equipment Layout
  • Pump Skids
  • Oil / Water Console
  • GA drawings of process equipment (Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, etc.)
  • API-650 Storage Tank drawings
  • Structural drawings (beam structure, foundation and floor plans, etc.)
  • Pressure part drawings& detailed drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Parts and development drawings
  • Isometric piping drawings
  • aire cooler
  • details
  • heat exchanger
  • ladder and platform
  • lifting
  • pressure vessels
  • slug catcher
  • others
  • ASME design calculations for boilers, pressure vessels & piping
  • Mechanical design calculations for heat exchangers
  • Designs per PV-Elite, Compress, ANSYS & CAESAR-II tools
  • Nozzle load calculations as per WRC code & FEA
  • Designs calculation for ASME, IBR, TEMA, PED, BS, EN & PD-5500
  • Documentation for 'U' stamping / 'ASME' marking, 'CE' marking
  • Documentation for 'R' stamp (repair work)/ 'L' mark (lethal duty).
  • Documentation for DOSH, GOST, SELO-ML certifications
  • Storage tanks designs according to API-620 and API-650
  • ASME weld qualification documents (WPS, WPQ and PQR)
  • Design and drawing appraisal from TPI.
  • Static analysis of vessels for wind and seismic loads
  • Stress analysis of pressure equipment
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) of pressure and non-pressure parts
  • Thermo-Structural analysis of piping and equipment
  • Support analysis for wind and seismic forces
  • Nozzle load and localized stress analysis
  • Piping stress due to thermal expansion and support selection
  • Supportive calculation as per ASME Section VIII Div. 2
  • Fatigue analysis.
  • Validation of conceptual thought and processes in industry
  • Performance and rating of heat exchangers
  • Solutions for irregular process solutions
  • Solutions for R&D activities in product development (avoiding actual cost impact)
  • Solutions for product geometric changes
  • Thermal & physical behavior of fluid flow passages in operation
  • Temperature & velocity profile inside flow passages
  • Pressure drop analysis for various fluids
  • Pump performance & validation
  • Structural analysis in STAAD.Pro
  • 3D modeling of buildings
  • Architectural designs & modeling
  • Layouts and plans, foundation drawings & loading charts
  • Structural stability analysis
  • Design & detail drafting of structural elements
  • Platforms and ladders for manufacturing plant setup.
  • Reverse engineering
  • Process validation
  • Standardization of designs and products
  • Design error analysis, and design time reduction
  • 3D printing, product animations and demo models

About SE CAD Solutions

SE CAD Solutions Deals With Design And Engineering Solutions In Various Sectors. The Company Was Initially Started In 2018 By An Eminent Team Of Engineers Having Specialized Knowledge Of Engineering Solutions


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